Sunday, December 25, 2005

More Stories from Iraq,,

The president of the Iraqi United Students union of Musil University found dead with his head cut off a only a day after he participated with a demonstration against the elections and Al-Jafary and Hakeem government.
Musil correspondent for Al-rabita Iraqi newspaper (25-12-2005).. Translated from Arabic.

We regret to inform you of the murder of Mr. Qusay Sallah Al-din president of the Iraqi United students union for Musil university.

To my fellow Iraqis :

I would like to inform you of what happened to the brothers Qusay and Ahmed Sallah Al-Din, And they were residents of the Domiz district in Musil.

Only the day they participated in organising a demonstration at Musil university against the hike in oil prices and election results and speaking out against the Al-Jafari and Hakeem. The two brothers were kidnapped from their residence by unknown assailants and were later found dead with both their heads cut off and dumped on the outskirts of the city.

This incident has caused great anger and sadness to the Musil university student body. Today a great demonstration of almost 15000 students and residents came out in protest and to participate in the wake and prayer for the two dead brothers. This demonstration was accompanied by gun fire and calls for the removal of the government and the revenge from Hakeem and Al-jafari militias.

The demonstrator shouted against Hakeem and Jafary and vowed revenge on them and held them responsible for the murder of the two brothers.. Shouting ‘Let the dogs know that we in Musil will never forget our blood and that our revenge will be with blood and fire’

Al-Rabita news would like to pass on our utmost condolences to the family and friends of the brave. ‘’We are from good and to him we shall all return’’

Some statistics and facts.....

Here are a couple of links to the last United Nations sponsored census regarding Iraqi population demographics..

A few things i would like to point out.

1- Sunni population percentage in Baghdad. These figures are disputed ofcourse, but between this last report (published after the US invation) and the election results. A truth can be found in there somewhere.. And its deffinately not 58 % for UIA.
2-Education level of Baghdadi population. I hope you all can agree with me, that a relatively high educated class/populous is more likely to vote for liberal and non sectarian than on sectarian and religious lines.
3-the Kurds are Sunni and therefore are counted as such in these reports.
4-Basra; where the hell did all the suni and christian votes go.. As all iraqis know very well, Basra is the second largest city in Iraq and has a substancial Sunni and christian population. Its a relatively Middle class city with many professionals who are well educated and are unlikely to vote on religious lines.. In Basra the UIA 555 got 77% of the vote, Allawi 11% the rest almost negligble.
5-where the hel did the Kurdish vote go in Baghdad.
6-One last point,, Seat allocation was not at all reflective fairly. In my oppinion seat allocation was cut down in Sunni areas in favour of Shiaa suthern governates. you can look at this closely yourselves.
This goes for both Sallahadin (8 seats ) and Al-Anbar (9 seats) now compare them to other southern provinces with very similar seats and look at the population differences,, Noticfe also how Babil gets 11 seats ove Anbars 9 seats. 150,000 extra voters right.. Well right. but why does Najef,, Qadisiya and Wasit(vasit),, all have the 8 seats same as Sallaheddin when Saalahadin is more than 100,000 more voters than each of these provinces.. especially in Quadisiayas case where its almost close to 200,000 more voters in Sallahaddin .. Go figure..

HERE'S A LINK (seats allocation per province).

1.1 Distribution of population by governorate
Mid-year population 2004 as projected by COSIT
Governorate Population
Duhouk 472,23
Nineveh 2,554,270
Suleimaniya 1,715,585
Al-Tameem 854,470
Erbil 1,392,093
Diala 1,418,455
Al-Anbar 1,328,776
Baghdad 6,554,126
Babil 1,493,718
Kerbala 787,072
Wasit 971,280
Salahuddin 1,119,369
Al-Najaf 978,400
Al-Qadisiya 911,641
Al-Muthanna 554,994
Thi-Qar 1,472,405
Missan 762,872
Basrah 1,797,821
Total 27,139,585

Now you can make up your own mind about the truth behind these election results, and the last two elections for that matter. As far as i'm concerned every election so far has been tainted with fraudulant activity and mismanagement.. The only difference now is that it just matters so much,,,4 years is just too long a time to allow for people who are dishonest to rule. (latest results from the Iraqi independent commision).

So please, stop regurgitating the bullshit that your lazy media keeps telling you about Iraq and Iraqis. We are not a country of sheep that follow the prevailing winds or the march of the mullahs. We have been one of the highest educated per capita countries in the middle east for a long time. we have a very large middle class. And that is not just my oppinion,, It is a well documentated fact and recognised by the United Nations reports.

Anyway, check out the links and feel free to knock yourselves out,,

merry xmas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stories from Iraqi election....

Election Official in Basra speaks out about Fraud in election..
18-12-2005 Abd Husain Salman (election official) Basra (translated from Arabic).

I was one of the election observers in one of the Election centres in Basra, In the centre that I was sitting in the Director of the came to me and said : Go out to the other centers, so I said to him I have my others observers at the other centers and there is no need for me to go.
Then came a person to me who carried three different and said to me that he spoke to the Director of the centre who told him it is ok for him to vote three times on behalf of those people (which is forbidden according to the rules that we were trained for and set down by the election commission). And they actually gave him 3 ballots for him to use and elect, I saw this and tried to stop this, I declared my refusal to be an acumlice to this illegality, I stopped this person who was about to vote three times and asked for the Director of the centre to come and clarify this situation.
The Director of the Centre denied that he gave the ok for this person to vote on behalf of his relatives, and I demanded the recording of this event. They tried to convince me to forget it, but I kept my demand. They then, after a little while, asked me to go up to the Directors Office and started to plead with me to withdraw my complaint in fear that the results from this centre might be cancelled or declared void. After a great deal of pesuation , I finally backed down on the the condition that the people that were supposed to be voting come and get their fingers marked.

And these are my observations for the elections in Basra;

1- the majority of the election observers and officials belonged to the Shia Coalition parties.
2- The majority of the observers were of very poor educational standards, because the majority of them came to the election in exchange for payments and did not really care about the job.
3- The police members were voting in large numbers on the election day dispite the fact that they had already voted on the 12th.
4- The doors were open to every person not even registered in the election council registry, and thee were a huge number of people coming in groups coming and voting from centre to centre.
5- The ink that was used was of very poor quality, or was watered down so it is removed very easily. And there were reports coming from collegues in Basra that the police themselves charged with protecting the centre were helping people remove the ink with chemical paint remover, so that the peopler can vote again.
6- A friend of mine told me of a fraud he saw personally in one of the centre, whereby the person counting the ballots declared a s tack of ballots for 555 (UIA) whereby it was actually in fact for another party. This was spotted by another observer who bruaght this fraud to the head director of the count. He said that he will look into it, but in fact did nothing.
7- Many people voted for other people and even on behalf of the dead.

Hadi Al-Mayahi, Electoral Official in election centre in Birmingham United Kingdom (overseas election centre), Tells his story about what he saw in that centre.
18-12-2005 Hadi Al-Mayahi Birmingham UK

I am Hadi al-Mayahi, One of the employees at the election centre in Birmingham Uk, which is one of the three election centre set up for over sea Iraqis living in the UK.

The fraud that happened in the election centre I was in is something unbelievable.. I swear by God I saw more than 2000 people vote twice or more and most of them Kurdish, they kept voting and coming back to vote again after an hour.

At first I didn’t know how they were managing to clean off the Ink from their fingers, until I got one of my breaks so I decided to follow them outside to work it out. I found a few people outside carrying a couple of chemical cleaners or something like that, and he was actually one of the officials who worked in the centre, and he was in cohorts with them and encouraging them to go back in to vote again.

And as I continued to look into this I managed to catch one of these guys out and he had voted 3 times already. As I confronted him he said to me and in a very rude and abusive way that yes he hasd voted 3 times and he will vote a 4th time and I will see!! So I reported him to the head official of the centre who in turn escorted him out of the centre.. But after 1 hour this guy returned with some of his friends and even was allowed to vote again.

And as I compaired the records that we were keeping I found out a large percentage of the voters had the same name and addresses. How can the herad of the over seas director of the elections Mrs.Hamdia al-husainy say that these elections outside wee of the highest standards.!!!

Do you know how mush the costs for the over seas elections were? 1.600.00 (million, sis hundred thousand). This money could have build a whole province in Iraq, instead of this idiotic fake carnival, they could have fixed the streets or electricity.

If you compare the electoral records you will see that I tell the truth, and we complained more than once, but without any result. We even threatened to withdraw from the centre. .. The Arab Iraqi workers were outnumbered 40,, while the Kurds numbered 70.. And the Director of the centre was Kurdish and the head of security was Kurdish.. they said to us and very rudely,, that even if you guys withdraw then that will not change a thing.. we will do this without you,,

Thank you….your brother/ Hadi Al-Mayahi.

Fraud Reports in elections centre in Najaf.
19-12-2005 Akeel Hassaan.(translated from Arabic)

1- The Najaf city president visited a number of election centres in the jadaria district of the city. This is against the rules of the electoral directs which stipulate that no government officials are allowed to do thus thing.
2- There were special areas in the head electoral counting centres set aside which no one was allowed to enter unless you belonged to a certain party. This was where the ballot boxes were kept and final counts done in.
3- There were even centres set up separate allocated for Afghani and Iranians living and studying in Iraq ( Religious schools) where these people can go and vote. These people did not hold an Iraqi citizenship and one of these centres is (election centre : Tahtheeb School / centre 5) in Jadedat district.. And other centres.
4- In the election centre ( Al-yaqta school) in Hanoon district/ Amam hasan al-askary street… the electroral Director went about stamping the ballot forms in large numbers and put it all in the boxes himself (Mr. Fural Wahab Habeeb,)
5- In the election centre (Nahruwan school/centre 2) Jadadat district.. they went about giving the ballots to the people without even checking for identification documents. (reported by / Mr. Rayath mahammed)
6- In the electoral centre(Amal school) the director went about giving ballots to people without identification.
7- In the election centre(Amal school) the director of the election went about giving ballots to people who were not even registered in that district, but wee in fact from the Al-Aasskaria district.
8- In most of the electoral centres in Najaf.. the Electoral workers went about themselves asking and requesting from people to vote for particular parties that they favoured.. and this happened under the gaze and supervision of the Director of the election centre. (Malik al-Ashtar school election centre)
9- In the election centre (Al-tasamoh school) in the Matloom District,, there were a great deal of fraudualant rule breaking.. as it was observed that a large number of people were allowed to go about to vote on behalf 10 and even 20 other people on the excuse that they were family members agsent and not able to attend the election. All this without even documentations.. This, in addition to having the head of the police force captain for the centre (Mr. Aad hasn Halal) tell people while standing near the ballot box, to vote for a particular party.. All this under rthe gaze of the directors and officals..
10- Their was abuse of the people who did not read and right, where by the officials of a certain centre went about voting for 555 party on behalf of these individuals even if that was not what they wanted.. One of these centres was (Al-malag and batoola/Rathia district) director of centre ( Kasim Sad Kathim Al-kazee)
11- The use of the Marjaiya followers in the areas and districts mentioned and in the farming areas to cause fear and disturbance and to cause the people to vote for 555 and to give a religious excuses for the officials who participate in fraud.. they even called for people to vote for more than once as that is good for them.. And that whoever doesn’t vote for 555 then he will be judged by Allah on judgment day.. (and these persons were followers of .. Sheik Mahomed Al-zaheeri head Imam of the Marjaiya in the Rathaweeya district).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I know that I have said that I’m closing my Blog.. But I just can not keep silent and stand idly by and watch my country go down this dark and terrible road. We have sacrificed too much to allow this to happen. My dear friends this is the time where we must make our voices most loudly heard, we must shout out from the roof tops:

We will not accept anything for Iraq other than a complete and utterly transparent and true democracy.. We were silent when people were being killed and intimidated in Basra, We were silent when the constitution was huridly passed and ratified inspite of the obvious manipulation of results, and the disapproval of a vast majority of peace loving Iraqis. We were silent when secret torture chambers were found operating under the supervision of this government and its minister of interior.. Well WE CANOT BE SILENT ANYMORE,,’’

I hear people urging patience and to wait until the final results are announced.. well I tell you this, we must not wait, we cannot wait.. By then it will be too late.. The Iraqi electoral commission has made it obvious thus far who they are backing and who their paymaster are. This government has used these past 9 months to only corrupt and intimidate and scheme for this day.. WE MUST NOT BE SILENT.

And for those who still believe in the fairness of these elections then please follow my reports which I will update below,, I will translate and post every Email, Article, report I can get my hands on.. And you will see how high this shit stinks. Major electoral fraud and manipulation in Iraq and every country. In Britain, In Holland, In Germany, In America,, all under the guise and the blessing of this so called electoral commission..

For the past three days I have done nothing but follow the latest results and comments coming out of Iraq.. I’m currently glued to the Iraqi 3 main TV channels and things look really bad.. I’ve been calling my friends in Iraq, and things are really bad,, I’ve been reading every Iraqi Arabic news report, and things are really bad.. This election has been high jacked with such militaristic precision that it makes me sick to the stomach.

LADIES AND GENTLE MAN,, what we have here is an organised and cinical attempt by the UIA to consolidate power by any means possible.. It is no better than a military CUDETA..

I can not be silent and accept this. I will not let my voice (so hardly won with the blood of every soldier, child, mother, father, old and young, who have given so much so that we can live in peace and freedom respecting one another without fear from the secret police knocking on our doors in the middle of the night and the mass graves which have not even been cleared yet), be watered down like this.. I will not allow them to replace one fascist dictatorial system of Saddam Hussain with another one in a guise of an Islamic revolution.. I will not allow their guns and their knives intimidate me into silence..

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sadr followers win majority in new Iraqi parliament.

Congratulations America,

welcome to the Islamic devided wartorn republic of Shit hole Iraq.. Watch your Petrol Gas pomp prices go up.. A bunch off idiots, the whole lot of ya....

Iraq Rising.. More like Iraq dying..

Blogg closed.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I have a Dream....

Do you guys still remember the days Baghdad just fell to the liberating troops of the coalition. I was so happy then. I felt like I was a kid reborn. I was so grateful to those soldiers for what they had done for me and my people. I was ecstatic beyond words.

That seems such a long way now, so much has happened since: Abu Grehb, Fallujah, Paul Bremmer and his naïve botched political planning etc.. etc,,,. All that has left me tired and listless. It seamed to me that with every positive step forward we take, we always end up going two steps back.

And now we have these ‘’historic’’ elections. A grandiose theatre of 15 million poor Iraqis risking life and limb for a belief in their own vision of a true democracy. I say their own vision because it is just that, a vision. A dream.
The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to be convinced. Democracy to an Iraqi does not hold the same meaning as it does here in the west, for the majority of Iraqi, democracy is about power and how to keep power. The Shia’s want to keep power, the Kurd’s want to keep power. The Sunnis want to keep power, the liberals want power. Iran wants more power. America are loosing power power. Everyone wants power. And to hell with the rest.

Democracy for them is simply an ethereal notion. And the elections is just an act, a second act in a sick parade. And as long as the outcome suits their own selfish goals and needs then democracy is most probably served.

Now we have act three.. the bickering, the fighting, the name calling, the accusations and all that trash…
The people have spoken, even though if it was them who spoke on their behalves: Iranian trucks stuffed to the brim with fake ballot boxes; Swear on the Qur’an and vote for 555 and all your dreams come true; Ohh shit we ran out of election forms, Ali used them all for the Hawza party; Raise your head, raise your dead, today they vote for Abu Mohammed, make sure they turn up and we’ll give them special dispensation from Sistani to move their soul from Hell to Heaven… and on and on and on.

Intimidation, ballet stuffing, ballot rigging is just the flipside to democracy to these guys. What does that matter, It is democracy, If it looks like democracy, smells like democracy, and feels like democracy, then it is democracy.. Details are not important, power is king.

Hey I’m not just picking on the Shia’s, the Sunnis and Kurd’s are not much better, but at least they don’t want to turn us into a colony of Iran, and they are not proclaiming 50% + of the votes already and the right to establish a religious Hawza government.

I am sick and tired of this parade. What kind of democracy is this that allows militias to supervise election centres and have you swear on the holly book to vote for a particular party just before you cast your vote. What kind of democracy is this where government officials actively intimidate people into voting a certain way. What kind of democracy is this where political parties claim overwhelming victory even before the ballots are counted.
And you know what’s funny, their political leaders brazenly demand from the electoral commission to watch out for cheating or votes rigging when counting the votes. They are worried that American officials might put pressure on the commission to clean up this shit they worked so hard to put us in. I mean hey, that Iranian shit is expensive, they had to truck it all the way from Tahran.
What are your plans Mr. Hakeem?.. ,, You gonna bring Bedr to the streets and make your Islamic revolution. Right?..

And then we have the Kurdish Parties, All high and Mighty in their northern mountain fiefdoms. Honestly, I wish they would just proclaim independence and be done with it. Their leaders are no more than a bunch of crooks and thieves, they don’t even have the honesty to do what their people are demanding of them and establish a free and independent Kurdistan. They are too bizzy siphoning off 30% of Iraq’s oil revenue allocated to them and making deals with Israeli and Norwegian companies for Billions of dollar.

Successful elections?. We’ll see.
Democracy?.. In Iraq!!! You must be kidding. Educate the people first,, Habibi.

I’ll reserve my judgement for now. All I can say is that these next 2 weeks are the days of our lives…